Tammy Abraham Instagram Followers 2021, Girlfriend IG, Income

Tammy Abraham Instagram Followers Count in 2021

As in October, 2021, Tammy Abraham’s instagram id hits 2.3 million Followers worldwide. By now, he has posted 93 photos and videos on his Instagram Id.

Tammy Abraham has been on Instagram since 2012, he is Following back 428 instagram accounts. Tammy Abraham uses his verified instagram account to posts most of his recent pictures and videos. He has an Engagement Rate of nearly 15.7% according to his recent 20 posts.

Tammy Abraham Instagram Official Account Id

Tammy Abraham instagram account Id is- @tammyabraham, with bio name: Tammy Abraham. He joined the popular photo sharing social media platform on September 21, 2012. While joining IG in 2012, his former username was- @tammyabraham1 till August 28, 2020. Currently, his account’s location is based in United Kingdom. As of now in 2021, his instagram id account is shared with 5 other IG accounts:

@chelesafc (67% of Tammy Abraham’s followers also follow Chelesaafc’s instagram id),

@cristiano (64% of Tammy Abraham’s followers also follow Cristiano’s instagram id),

@premierleague (59% of Tammy Abraham’s followers also follow Premierleague’s instagram id),

@leomessi (56% of Tammy Abraham’s followers also follow Leomessi’s instagram id),

@championsleague (55% of Tammy Abraham’s followers also follow Championleague’s instagram id).

Instagram Likes & Comments

In his last 20 posts, Tammy has received, on an average, around 362k Likes by his Followers worldwide. Also, his IG posts received near about 3.8k comments on an average in 2021. With an estimated average Engagement rate of around 15.7%, he managed to add around 1,600 followers per Day. Thus, Tammy’s Instagram id hits a total of 2.3 million Fans and Followers across the globe.

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Most Liked Photos & Videos

Tammy uses his official account to upload photos & videos for his followers in different regions of the world.

Most Liked Photo Post: According to his last 20 IG posts, he received nearly 650k Likes in one of his IG photo. The photo post was uploaded on August 18, 2021. He caption the photo as, “Ciao @officialasroma I am here! Thank you for my welcome into Rome. Can’t wait to see you guys! & start this new journey together!”. Till now, this post received around 8k comments and still adding.

Most Liked Video Post: In his very recent post 3 days ago on 7 October, 2021, Tammy uploaded a video of his practise. Till now, it has been watched around 400k times. Also the video received near about 1k comments from his fans & follwers.

Most Liked Instagram Reels

“Tamster” Tammy Abraham posted an instagram reel that received more than 1.4 million views. Till now, this video has got nearly 284k Loves from his Fans & Followers across the globe. This IG reel also received around 3k Comments. The video reel caption read as: “DAJE @officialasroma”.

Tammy Abraham Instagram Income Per Post 2021

Considering his 15.7% Engagement Rate, 2.3 million Followers & 362k average Likes, Tammy Abraham may demand between $20k to $24k USD per influencer post on instagram. So, on an average he may demand $22k USD per influencer post on instagram. Here is a detailed analysis of Tamster’s Instagram Income per Post 2021:

Story-Post: “Tammy” can demand between $2k to $6k USD per Instagram Story-Post. This nearly sums to an average of around $4k USD per story post.

Image-Post: He may ask between $6k to $12k USD per Image-Post. This is nearly an average of $9k USD per image post on his id.

Video-Post: “Tamster” Abraham might demand between $12k USD to $22k per video-post on his IG account. This is about an average of about $17k USD per video post.

Tammy Abraham Johnson Net Worth 2021

According to Celebrity Net Worth Analysis 2021, Tammy Abraham has a net worth of around $9 million USD. This amount sums up to around Rupees 67 crore INR. He receives a salary of around $500k USD or Rupees 3.5 crore (INR) per month. Also, according to recent statistics in 2021, AS Roma pays Tammy Abraham a salary of $6 million USD or Rupees 45 crore (INR) per year.

Tammy Abraham Top Instagram Hashtags & Mentions

In his last 20 instagram posts, Tammy Abraham mainly focused on twelve mentions. It includes: @stevenhalliwellproduction, @officialasroma, @tiggzvids, @fikayotomori

Also, used following hastags as more often as he could: #forzaroma #ForzaRoma #SuperCup #DreamBig.


What is the Full name of English Football Player Tammy Abraham?

The Full Name of Tammy Abraham is Kevin Oghenetega Tamaraebi Bakumo-Abraham.

What is the Instagram Bio of Tammy Abraham in 2021?

The Instagram Bio of English professional Football Player Tammy ABraham is- God’s son that plays ball.

What is the Age of Tamster Tammy Abraham in 2021?

In 2021, Tammy Abraham is 24 years old. Tamster was born on 2 October 1997.

What is the Instagram Id of Tammy Abraham’s Girlfriend?

English Footballer girlfriend is a model, vlogger, youtuber. Her girlfriend name is Leah Monroe. The Instagram id of Tammy Abraham’s Girlfriend is- @leahmonroe_

What is the Height of Tammy Abraham in feet & inches?

The English professional Footballer is about 190 meters in Height, which is about 6 feet 3 inches.

What is the Jersey Number of Tammy Abraham?

Tammy Abraham’s Jersey Number is: 9

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