A Seattle police officer describes pretty scary having fireworks thrown at his face during riot

A Seattle police officer describes “pretty scary” having fireworks thrown at his face during riot

  • A Seattle police officer recalls “it” a violent confrontation with the protesters Sunday night
  • “felt like being hit with a hammer”

Seattle — On Sunday, the anti-police union demonstrators marched through Seattle’s SODO neighborhood. Later in the night, the demonstration was eventually declared a riot by Seattle police. Six officers were injured while 18 people were arrested.

On-duty Seattle Officer Adam Fowler, 34, was one of six officers who suffered injuries during the anti-police union march.

Fowler said he briefly lost his vision for up to a minute when the explosives went off near his face, and part of his face swelled to roughly the size of a golf ball. He further added that the firework felt like someone hitting him in the face with a hammer. His left eye also was injured. Later, the officer was hospitalized.

The body cameras showed officers being targeted with explosives, firecrackers in multiple instances as they solicited to diffuse the crowd. They were pelted with stones, bottles, rocks. The footage is viral over the internet.


“There aren’t tiny fireworks, they’re firecrackers, commercial-grade mortars… they should be launched hundreds of feet in the air in a safe place to be detonated so they can put on a firework display. These aren’t meant for weapons. Fowler recalls the harrowing incident seeing a bright flash and a loud bang.

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This is really terrifying.