Netflix Free Subscription : Netflix announces Free offer from December 4

Netflix Free Subscription : Netflix announces Free Subscription from Dec 4

If you do not have a subscription to Netflix, then the company is offering free subscription. But this is only for two days. The company will offer this 48-hour trial under StreamFest.

The company has announced this offer to bring more and more people to its platform. If you do not have Netflix, you can watch series or movies on Netflix for two days for Free.

It is worth noting that Netflix gives a month’s trial. But recently the company has canceled a one-month trial offer.

This offer is currently for Indian customers and will start on December 4. This promotional offer will be called StreamFest. The offer is currently being tested.

The good thing with the StreamFest promotional offer is that you will not have to pay credit card or other payment details for this.

Earlier, when 1 month free trial was given, for this, the users had to fill the payment details and after the trial was over, they used to deduct money from it. However, there was still an option to cancel the subscription.

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Netflix Free Subscription : Why Netflix Is Doing This?

The Netflix Free-Subscription program aims to generate more interest among Indian users, and to drive up Netflix subscriptions.

He has said that the company wants that if Netflix is given free to all the people in a country for a weekend, then it can reach more people.

Netflix COO Greg Peters has said in an interview that he is excited about this idea and wants to see how it works.

Earlier this year, Netflix had launched “Watch Netflix for Free” program for the non-subscribers. This program allowed non-subscribers to watch few selected programs and movies on Netflix for free.

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