Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin 2022

Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin (2022)


Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin (2022) is an action animated adventure feature film by director and producer Jonathan Kay. The movie is about the effort of a dolphin princess to save the entire Earth. The Earth and the dolphins all over the world are in danger. As a member of royal family and being a princess, she must initiate to save Earth and Dolphin from possible Dangers.

The film will be released in 3D.

Release Date

28 June 2022 (USA)

Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin: Trailer Storyline

This is a fantastic 3D animation film following the adventures of Naya The Golden Dolphin Princess. Father King of the Dolphin princess, Naya, sends her on a mission to save the Earth and the dolphins.

The Earth and the entire Dolphins around the world is in danger. Only compassionate act of kindness in each life being, can save the Earth.

As a member of Royal family and being a princess, she takes the charge to save the Earth. Naya goes on amission to Eight corners of the world. All the eight regions are rich and fluid whin energy. The strength and energy of all the dolphins can save the mother Earth.

As a Golden dolphin, Naya has the magical ability to shape shift into any form she wants. This magical power helps her to blend-in with each dolphin tribe along theway, becoming one of them. The compassionate act of kindness shown to each life forms leads to opening of her next destination.

Predators tries to hunt Naya, pollution of the environment endangers her, but Naya fights off bravely. She is determined to save the entire earth. Naya continues her mission as the guardian of the sea.

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Cast and Crew

Stars: Kate Winslet, Elliot Page, Megan Fox, Gerard Butler

Full Cast List

Kate Winslet as Cupid (voice)
Elliot Page as Dusky (voice)
Megan Fox as Princess Leilani (voice)
Gerard Butler as King Kula (voice)
Owen Wilson
Quvenzhane Wallis
Whoopi Goldberg
Isabella Rosselini
Daryl Hannah
Julian Lennon
Diego Luna
James Franco
Cheech Marin


IMDb Rating : Coming Soon

Review | Reaction

How Fans are Reacting?

For the very first time in cinema, director and producer Jonathan Kay will be bringing feature film on miracles of nature. After five years, he is bringing enchanting film about nature’s most wonderful miracles. This fantasy is told by stars like Kate winslet, Elliot Page, Megan Fox. So, it will be quite an interesting experience for their fans to hear their favourite stars’ voices in a 3D film.

The film has a touch of humor and thrills with outstanding photo-real 3D animation. The cinematography takes you through the oceans of Hawaii, Bahamas, Canada, South Africa, Amazon River. Fans will feel a you-are-there experiences to these exotic places.

Gerard Butler has posted an article about the film in his personal website.

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Genres : Animation, Action, Adventure

Runtime: 1h 40min

Aspect Ratio: NA

Country: USA

Filming Locations: NA

Release Date: 28 June 2022 (USA)

Director : Jonathan Kay

Producer : Jonathan Kay

Writer : Jonathan Kay, Katie Ford

Cinematography : Mark Gerasimenko, Thomas Boyd III, Duncan Brake, John Malcolm Smith

Music By : Randy Edelman

Editor : Eliot Piltz

Production Companies : Magic Factory Productions

Distributed By : NA

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i’m gonna watch it first show
thanks buddy , nice information


World & UNO needs to work to save these flora n fauna
we see amazon burnt aussies forest burnt
Perfect topic for the film to spread awareness
kudos to director Kay & team

Vijk Helu

Perfect story needed after covid-19 Good luck kay team