Megan Fox-MGK Engagement

Megan Fox-MGK Engagement: Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are the trending style icons amongst the Youngsters. The couple enjoy being one of the best stylish-couples on several social media platforms.

MGK is Flamboyant with Style

In an interview, Megan says her boyfriend MGK has “Elevated” Her Style. According to the Aurora actress, the couple’s symbiotic styles are no happy accident. Megan said in an interview that they both influence and inspire each other’s look but MGK is flamboyant with his style. Also, at some point of time, he ‘looks’ to her for tips as well.

At New York Fashion Week, MGK has rocked the show by embellishing his nails with pink colour. MGK rocked the fashion show with his black tongue. Megan always had a streak of having embellished nails when she was young.

MGK has Modely Body

In an interview, Megan confessed that she loves to watch him do fittings. She said he is almost 7 feet tall. He’s got the modely body one could ever see in life. He has the perfect body naturally. So, Megan loves to watch her man, try on clothes. She sits for all his fittings. She also chooses best fittings for her rapper boyfriend.

Are Megan Fox and MGK Engaged?

The couple is the hottest pair in the film industry. The pair looks cozy every time they are with each other. In fact, the mother of three kids, Megan always finds time to attend his rapper boyfriend’s rehearsal. Megan Fox had a giant ring in her finger during MGK’s rehearsal for upcoming 2021 MTV VMA event. Fans are expecting some ‘good-news’ and so the rumors of their engagement have sparked.

However, the couple denies and said there’s no truth to these rumors. Megan said they are not yet engaged. However, during a live interview with media, MGK alluded to wanting to be with her girlfriend Megan Fox forever. Replying to a fan on taking Megan Fox on a Date, MGK said Megan has the most beautiful feet, that exist. He wats to be with her girlfriend forever.

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