Megan Fox Followers Increased Adding 1 Million in Just 1 day

Megan Fox Instagram Followers Increased

Megan Fox Followers Increased: Megan Fox @meganfox managed to add 1 million Followers in just a single day. Earlier her account was instagram account had 15.6 million Followers with 131 posts. Now in a recent development, she managed to add nearly 1 million followers from across the globe amassing it to 16.3 million followers. She now has 133 posts with 2 new posts from her SKIMS shoot with Kourtney Kardashian.

Megan Fox Instagram Id

Megan Fox joined instagram on June 7, 2014 with user id: the_native_tiger. Later she changed her instagram username to- @meganfox on July 4, 2018. The account has nearly 16.3 million followers across the globe. She has 133 posts with no Follow Back. That means, Megan do not Follow any other instagram account.

Megan Fox Instagram Likes & Comments

According t o her recent two posts for SKIMS, Megan Fox received huge number of Likes & Comments from her Fans all over the world. The posts include promotion for SKIMS with Kourtney Kardashian. One of the posts received nearly 4 million Likes and over 20k comments in just 30 hours, and its still counting. The second and the most recent photoshoot is receiving huge number of thumbs-up from her fans worldwide. The photos received nearly 3 million likes & around 10k comments in just 20 hours. And yes, these numbers are still increasing.

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Megan Fox Instagram Post Worth

With a 16.3 million Followers and around 14.8% engagement, Megan Fox can demand between $ 130k to $ 200k USD per influencer post on her instagram account. According to trusted sources, Megan fox has net worth of more than $8 million USD.

Megan Fox Instagram Stats 2021(FAQs)

[Q] How much money does Megan Fox makes from Instagram?

According to Instagram Account Analysis (September, 2021), Aurora star Megan Fox has more than 16 million Followers. Based on her Engagement rate of 14.8% with 133 posts, Megan Fox can demand between $130k to $200k USD per influencer post. In 2021, her net worth is around $8 million USD.

[Q] Whom does Megan Fox Follow Back on Instagram?

The ‘Till Death‘ star Megan Fox has 16 million Instagram Followers. She recently gained 1 million Followers in just a single day. Right now in September, 2021, Megan Fox Do Not Follow Back any Instagram account. Also She do not have any shared account with any celebrity. Megan Fox Do Not even Follow Back her rapper boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) or her ex-husband Brian Austin Green.

[Q] How many Instagram Likes Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian got in recent photoshoot for SKIMS 2021?

Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian had a promotional photoshoot for SKIMS on September 22, 2021. Within 72 hours of posting the photos on her instagram account, both the posts received more than 7 million Likes combined. One of the post with two photos of Both the celebrities received more than 4 million Likes and more than 21k comments. The other post with two sets of photos got more than 3 million Likes and 11k comments

[Q] What is net worth of Megan Fox in September 2021?

Megan Fox is a American Hollywood Actress who acted in films like Transformers, Ninja Turtle, Till Death, Aurora, Big Gold Brick. According to September 2021 Celebrity Net Worth Analysis, it is reported that Megan fox has a net worth of more than $ 8million USD. She also generates a revenue of around $130k USD from sponsored instagram influencer posts.

[Q] Does Megan Fox Follow Her Ex-Husband Brian Austin Green after their Divorce?

Megan Fox has more than 16 million Followers on Instagram. She joined the popular photo sharing social media platform on June 7, 2014 with user id: the_native_tiger. Till now the ‘Aurora‘ girl Do Not Follow Back any instagram account. Also she have a zero shared account with any other IG account. Megan Fox Do Not Even Follow Back her rapper boyfriend MGK or Her Ex-Husband Brian Austin Green.

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