Megan Fox Instagram (2021) Followers Count, Income Per Post

Megan Fox Instagram Id

Megan Fox Instagram (2021): Megan Fox’s Instagram Id is- (@meganfox). She joined the photo sharing social media platform on June 7, 2014. As on July 4, 2018, her former username was- (the_native_tiger). Later she changed her instagram username to- (@meganfox). As of now, Megan Fox instagram id account is shared with zero followers.

Megan Fox Instagram Id Hits 15.6 Million Followers

As in last week of September, 2021, Megan Fox instagram id hits 15.6 million Followers. By now, she has posted 131 photos and videos on her Instagram Id.

Megan Fox has been on Instagram since 2014, yet she do not believe in Following Back anyone. Here she posts most of her pictures and videos. She mostly interacts with her fans through this instagram id only.

Megan Fox Instagram ID Tagged

In a recent news, Megan Fox was tagged by @tobimakeup, which she shared on her instagram account. This picture was created for Megan’s role in her recent film- Till Death. The photo received nearly 8k likes with hundreds of comments.

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She also shared a photo with her rapper boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly (MGK). The Photo hits thousands of Likes on her Id.

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Megan Fox Instagram Story (IG Story)

Megan Fox regularly updates her Instagram Id by posting recent photos and Videos. She uploads several photos with her rapper boyfriend MGK on her Instagram Story too. In a very recent post on her IG story, she received nearly 3.4 million Likes by her Fans & Followers all over the world.

Megan Fox Instagram (2021) Id Performance

In her last 20 posts, Megan Fox has received nearly 1Million comments by her Followers worldwide. With an average of around 14.78% engagement, Megan Fox managed to add around 14,000 followers per Day. Thus, Megan Fox Instagram id hits a total of 15.6 million Fans and Followers all over the world. With her engagement percentage and average number of Likes and Comments, Megan Fox may charge around $120K USD per influencer post on her ID.

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I really like Megan Fox a lot