'hum to search' - Google's new feature remind us of Forgotten song

‘hum to search’ : Google’s new feature remind us of Forgotten song

‘hum to search’ -search by humming, whistling

Google has added a new ‘hum to search’ feature in its Google Search Engine tool. With its help, you can tell Google about that song which is in your mind just by humming or whistling or singing.

This new feature is available in the Google’s Android app and Apple’s iOS. The new ‘hum to search’ feature has also been made available for Google Assistant.

All one has to do is to ask Google – ‘possibly the song’ or the newly added Search a Song button. After this, only the song has to be hummed near the phone’s mic.

Once the user is done with this, Google Search Engine will show you the results that matches to the User’s query. If the search result is correct, you can tap and listen to it. Google officials has told that the new ‘hum to search’ feature works with the help of machine learning tools.

This new feature transforms the audio representing the song’s melody into a number-based sequence.

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Google has also stated that these machine learning models are trained from many sources, so that it can work much better. It includes a human song, humming and whistling.

Currently this feature is available in English in iOS and in Android smartphones in more than 20 languages. Google is preparing to add more languages to it.

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