Google Chrome Bugs : Users at risk of hijacking computer-Google releases patch

Google Chrome Bugs : Users at risk of hijacking computer-Google releases patch

Google Chrome Bugs found – Update immediately!

Google Chrome bugs were found on the most popular browser- Google Chrome. The company has released a security patch. Until most users update to the new stable version, the company will not disclosed what the problem was.

Use the Google Chrome web browser, update it immediately. If you do not update it as soon as possible, you may have problems in the very near future. Actually, Google has released a high level security patch for Chrome Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

The company has issued this security patch regarding the security issues. Chrome has some flaws, due to which attackers can hijack target computers.

This issue has been found by Google Project Zero’s security researcher in Google Chrome web browser. According to the report, this flaw of Chrome has been detected on October 19, 2020 and now this flaw is being made public after the update.

It is important to note that after finding any flaw according to the rules, the researchers do not make it public until the company fixes it. Because in such a situation, anyone can take advantage of this flaw and harm the users.

This issue also includes zero-day vulnerability. Zero-Day (0-day) is a kind of flaw which is found in software or hardware. It is also called Zero Day because it is not fully known about what kind of problem it is.

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Until the company finds out about this flaw and does not fix it, it is zero day. Later it is called one-day.

Ben Hawks of Google Project Zero has described and warned about this problem of Google Chrome on Twitter. However, he has not told what that problem was.

Google chrome bugs : FIXES & SOLUTIONS

However, the update for Chrome 86.0.4240.111 has arrived and it is a high level security patch which means you should update it immediately.

According to Google’s official blog, this staple update will be released to everyone in a day or two. You should also check it in your computer. If an update has arrived, update it.

When this update arrives in everyone’s computers, then it will be clear what was the problem in Google Chrome web browser. Total five security fixes have been given in this update.

The company has clearly said that this bug details will not be disclosed until more users update their Chrome with this fix.

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Update it

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