Factors of Successful Films- What Makes a Movie Great?

What makes a Film Great?

One may wonder- what makes a movie great? Is it just the presence of a top-named actor or actress? Is it the great characters in the film? Well you might land in with interesting responses. But the answer is, Yes, it requires ALL of these. Making a film is itself a big undertaking. It requires all factors, be it technical or non-technical, to a great film. From the artist’s acting skill to director’s cast selection and guidance, from soundtracks and lightings to Visual Effects, all have special need in the success of a film. In this article, we will dive into the top factors to a successful film.

Here are the top 7 factors of successful films:-

  1. Script
  2. Cast
  3. Acting
  4. Character
  5. Director
  6. Visual Effects
  7. The Message

Lets dive into details of the factors of a successful Film.


Script of the film is the soul of a successful film. A Script tells the complete story of the film. It includes story, dialogues, action sequences etc. A film may not have big-name actors in it, but a great script or story can make the film a Blockbuster. The quality of the script really makes wonderful films. A truly amazing script captures the attention and interests of the audiences. This is great in word-of-mouth promotion of the film, which is better than rest of marketing methods.


The cast is an important factor in the success of a film. A Casting Director visualizes the screenplay and chooses the best possible talents for the roles. Then he present these options to the Director of the film. A Director makes the final decision keeping in mind the need of the script. The chemistry between the casts can make the film a blockbuster.


Acting is an activity in which an artists enacts a particular character. The character he interprets could be real or fictional. An actor’s priority is to effectively interpret the character that they are playing. Actors need to communicate to the audience through his voice, emotions, actions, body language. Acting of an actor must be such that they convince people to think about the character he is playing.


Character of the film is one of the key factor to a successful film. It is the portrayal of character that hits into subconscious mind of people. Hollywood Superhero characters like Iron-Man, Thor, Thanos, Shang-Chi need no introduction to the audience. Disney cartoon characters like Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Donald Duck are clearly fed into people’s mind. Even one can recall the character of James Bond, Will Smith’s character in MIB.


A director is someone who guides the actors and crews in the fulfilment of a vision. It is the prime duty of director to visualize the script and casts artists into the characters. Definitely a great director can make a film blockbuster. A great director always creates a credibility among the audience.

Visual Effects

Visual Effects in the film are a way to keep the audience glued to the screen. Now, the VFX and advance film editing Softwares & Applications has made it easy for the editors to create a WOW visual effect. VFX is nothing but the manipulation of any on-screen imagination of a character that does not exist physically in this real world. These visual effects of VFX allows the filmmakers to create objects, environments, creatures that would be otherwise impractical in the real world. Who would forget the visuals from Avengers, Gulliver’s Travels, The Tomorrow War? Visuals are basically a medium to be creative in imagination. This keeps the audience bind to the film.

The Message

What makes a film great is the message that movie is trying to convey to the people. Over and above all, it must be the prime goal of a film. A meaningful movie is always appreciated. Though a film needs a mix of entertainment, fantasy, thrill, action but a film must stick to a message.


A film is the visualization of a Screenplay writer. For a successful film making gross box office collection needs a mix of several factors. It includes Story of th film, Acting, Cast& Crew, Great directors.

Beside these, a film also requires Promotion, Marketing, Controversies, soulful Music and other factors too. All these factors put combinedly in a film make it a Great Success.

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Carlos Diego

Wow man !
This article seems to be a complete guide for choosing correct movie to watch.

Previously, I used to only look for good story and good acting.
But now I know what to look for.

Thanks Admin.