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Cash App customer service number and hours of working

Cash App Customer Service Contact Support

How do I contact Cash App Customer Service representative through the App?

If you are already a Cash App User, you can directly contact the Cash App customer service representative on the App itself. For this, follow these simple steps:-

(1). Open Cash App home screen
(2). Tap the profile icon
(3). Scroll down and tap Cash App Support
(4). Tap Something Else
(5). Navigate to your issue
(5). Tap Contact Support

Mail address below:
Cash App
1455 Market Street Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94103

How to contact Cash App representative on the Phone?

For any issues related to Cash App account you can call the customer service representative at 800969-1940 or 855-351-2274.

How to contact Sutton Bank’s Cash App Support online?

If you are a Sutton Bank’s customer you can fill up the contact form and Submit it on its website. Click here to visit Sutton Bank Contact Form.

How to contact Cash App Support on the web?

(1). Navigate to
(2). Scroll down to the bottom and select “Contact Support” link
(3). Now, Login into your Cash App account
(4). Navigate to your issue and Hit Enter

Note: No Cash App representative will asks for your sign-in code in any manner. 

How long does Cash App representative take to respond?

Its a natural question- Is customer service open 24/7? Well, when you submit the contact for, cash app support team acknowledges your grievances. The team responds you within 24 hours of your contact form submission. However, in some complex cases, they might take more time. You need to wait for the cash app customer service team to contact back to you.

How long will Cash App take to refund money?

In case of refunds of payment, Cash App might take up to 7-10 business Days to refund your money. When a merchant refunds a transaction, the Cash App receives the money within 10 business days. As soon as, it Cash App receives your money, it automatically appears in your Cash App Balance. If you have any questions before the 10 days have passed, please reach out directly to the merchant. If you have any questions before the 10 days have passed, please reach out directly to the merchant.

How can I get my money back from Cash App?

To get your money back from the Cash App, you can follow these simple steps:-
(1). Open your Cash App home screen
(2). Tap the Activity tab
(3). Select the Payment
(4). Tap . . .
(5). Select Refund & Press OK

How to get a new Cash Card if Lost or Stolen?

In case your Cash Card is Lost or stolen you can order a fresh new card. To order a new Cash Card, follow these steps:-

(1). Tap the Cash Card tab
(2). Tap the image of your Cash Card
(3). Select Problem With Card
(4). Follow the steps

Best Youtube Vanced Alternatives to watch Videos without Ads

Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives in 2022

Best Youtube Vanced Alternatives: Google had recently sent a letter to the developers of Youtube vanced. Google had asked the developers team to take down the all the Links. As a result the Vanced Team decided to shut down the App’s further development.

Here are the tried and tested Best Youtube vanced alternatives to watch youtube videos without Ads.

Best Youtube Vanced Alternatives List

[1] YouTube Premium

Earlier YouTube has its Premium features in limited regions of the world. Regular YouTube users were unable to enjoy its Premium services. Now, as YouTube started expanded in several other countries, its Premium Users have been growing.

So, the best and legal way to watch the YouTube is to Subscribe for it Premium membership. It will give you features like: ad-free videos, offline downloads, background playback.


  • Unlimited access to YouTube Music Premium
  • Legal & official way to enjoy Youtube contents
  • Ad-free contents


  • It costs some Bucks

[2] Kiwi Browser

This could be used to experience ad free youtube videos. Kiwi supports chrome extensions like SponsorBlock & uBlock Origin to watch videos without ads. Also, Users can Sign in to their Google account to watch their History. Not only this, you can add comments also.


  • Ad free videos
  • watch videos from Browser
  • Sign in to Google Account to add comments


  • Youtube website on Kiwi browser may not have that feel as regular YouTube app.

[3] NewPipe

At the present time, NewPipe is on of the best YouTube Vanced Alternatives in 2022. NewPipe is an open-source YouTube client, which hails to be free. It neither rely on the YouTube API nor on the Google’s framework libraries. You can use NewPipe without having to create a Google Account. Not only this, this App could be used on Huawei devices also.


  • ad-free video contents
  • download videos locally in your device
  • free and open source


  • You cannot comment on any Youtube video
  • No service of History sync to watch History

[4] SkyTube

Another Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives is SkyTube. This is also a YouTube client for the android users. SkyTube is an open-source and a free app. Much like other Vanced alternative, SkyTube also need Not to Sign In with Google Account. However, you can import your Subscriptions so you don’t need to search for each creator one by one.

SkyTube Developers have intoduced its two variants: SkyTube, SkyTube Extra. You can choose either of the two app for enjoying video contents.
SkyTube is regular app with no additional features.
SkyTube Extra supports the official YouTube player and casting.


  • ad-free videos
  • SkyTube extra has YouTube player like User Interface.
  • Free and open-source


  • You cannot Sign In with Google account

[5] LibreTube

LibreTube could be one of the Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives in the present scenario. But for now, this app is in Beta mode and may contain bugs in it. This app is an upcoming YouTube client based on privacy friendly experiences. LibreTube has a modern look & feel design. It contains intuitive animations while navigations. Users get control over video quality format during playback. This video quality option is also available for offline videos.


  • Ad-free video contents
  • Free & open-source YouTube client


  • May contains Bugs
  • You cannot Sign In with Google account

Factors of Successful Films- What Makes a Movie Great?

What makes a Film Great?

One may wonder- what makes a movie great? Is it just the presence of a top-named actor or actress? Is it the great characters in the film? Well you might land in with interesting responses. But the answer is, Yes, it requires ALL of these. Making a film is itself a big undertaking. It requires all factors, be it technical or non-technical, to a great film. From the artist’s acting skill to director’s cast selection and guidance, from soundtracks and lightings to Visual Effects, all have special need in the success of a film. In this article, we will dive into the top factors to a successful film.

Here are the top 7 factors of successful films:-

  1. Script
  2. Cast
  3. Acting
  4. Character
  5. Director
  6. Visual Effects
  7. The Message

Lets dive into details of the factors of a successful Film.


Script of the film is the soul of a successful film. A Script tells the complete story of the film. It includes story, dialogues, action sequences etc. A film may not have big-name actors in it, but a great script or story can make the film a Blockbuster. The quality of the script really makes wonderful films. A truly amazing script captures the attention and interests of the audiences. This is great in word-of-mouth promotion of the film, which is better than rest of marketing methods.


The cast is an important factor in the success of a film. A Casting Director visualizes the screenplay and chooses the best possible talents for the roles. Then he present these options to the Director of the film. A Director makes the final decision keeping in mind the need of the script. The chemistry between the casts can make the film a blockbuster.


Acting is an activity in which an artists enacts a particular character. The character he interprets could be real or fictional. An actor’s priority is to effectively interpret the character that they are playing. Actors need to communicate to the audience through his voice, emotions, actions, body language. Acting of an actor must be such that they convince people to think about the character he is playing.


Character of the film is one of the key factor to a successful film. It is the portrayal of character that hits into subconscious mind of people. Hollywood Superhero characters like Iron-Man, Thor, Thanos, Shang-Chi need no introduction to the audience. Disney cartoon characters like Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Donald Duck are clearly fed into people’s mind. Even one can recall the character of James Bond, Will Smith’s character in MIB.


A director is someone who guides the actors and crews in the fulfilment of a vision. It is the prime duty of director to visualize the script and casts artists into the characters. Definitely a great director can make a film blockbuster. A great director always creates a credibility among the audience.

Visual Effects

Visual Effects in the film are a way to keep the audience glued to the screen. Now, the VFX and advance film editing Softwares & Applications has made it easy for the editors to create a WOW visual effect. VFX is nothing but the manipulation of any on-screen imagination of a character that does not exist physically in this real world. These visual effects of VFX allows the filmmakers to create objects, environments, creatures that would be otherwise impractical in the real world. Who would forget the visuals from Avengers, Gulliver’s Travels, The Tomorrow War? Visuals are basically a medium to be creative in imagination. This keeps the audience bind to the film.

The Message

What makes a film great is the message that movie is trying to convey to the people. Over and above all, it must be the prime goal of a film. A meaningful movie is always appreciated. Though a film needs a mix of entertainment, fantasy, thrill, action but a film must stick to a message.


A film is the visualization of a Screenplay writer. For a successful film making gross box office collection needs a mix of several factors. It includes Story of th film, Acting, Cast& Crew, Great directors.

Beside these, a film also requires Promotion, Marketing, Controversies, soulful Music and other factors too. All these factors put combinedly in a film make it a Great Success.

Google Chrome Bugs : Users at risk of hijacking computer-Google releases patch

Google Chrome Bugs found – Update immediately!

Google Chrome bugs were found on the most popular browser- Google Chrome. The company has released a security patch. Until most users update to the new stable version, the company will not disclosed what the problem was.

Use the Google Chrome web browser, update it immediately. If you do not update it as soon as possible, you may have problems in the very near future. Actually, Google has released a high level security patch for Chrome Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

The company has issued this security patch regarding the security issues. Chrome has some flaws, due to which attackers can hijack target computers.

This issue has been found by Google Project Zero’s security researcher in Google Chrome web browser. According to the report, this flaw of Chrome has been detected on October 19, 2020 and now this flaw is being made public after the update.

It is important to note that after finding any flaw according to the rules, the researchers do not make it public until the company fixes it. Because in such a situation, anyone can take advantage of this flaw and harm the users.

This issue also includes zero-day vulnerability. Zero-Day (0-day) is a kind of flaw which is found in software or hardware. It is also called Zero Day because it is not fully known about what kind of problem it is.

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Until the company finds out about this flaw and does not fix it, it is zero day. Later it is called one-day.

Ben Hawks of Google Project Zero has described and warned about this problem of Google Chrome on Twitter. However, he has not told what that problem was.

Google chrome bugs : FIXES & SOLUTIONS

However, the update for Chrome 86.0.4240.111 has arrived and it is a high level security patch which means you should update it immediately.

According to Google’s official blog, this staple update will be released to everyone in a day or two. You should also check it in your computer. If an update has arrived, update it.

When this update arrives in everyone’s computers, then it will be clear what was the problem in Google Chrome web browser. Total five security fixes have been given in this update.

The company has clearly said that this bug details will not be disclosed until more users update their Chrome with this fix.

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Netflix Free Subscription : Netflix announces Free offer from December 4

Netflix Free Subscription : Netflix announces Free Subscription from Dec 4

If you do not have a subscription to Netflix, then the company is offering free subscription. But this is only for two days. The company will offer this 48-hour trial under StreamFest.

The company has announced this offer to bring more and more people to its platform. If you do not have Netflix, you can watch series or movies on Netflix for two days for Free.

It is worth noting that Netflix gives a month’s trial. But recently the company has canceled a one-month trial offer.

This offer is currently for Indian customers and will start on December 4. This promotional offer will be called StreamFest. The offer is currently being tested.

The good thing with the StreamFest promotional offer is that you will not have to pay credit card or other payment details for this.

Earlier, when 1 month free trial was given, for this, the users had to fill the payment details and after the trial was over, they used to deduct money from it. However, there was still an option to cancel the subscription.

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Netflix Free Subscription : Why Netflix Is Doing This?

The Netflix Free-Subscription program aims to generate more interest among Indian users, and to drive up Netflix subscriptions.

He has said that the company wants that if Netflix is given free to all the people in a country for a weekend, then it can reach more people.

Netflix COO Greg Peters has said in an interview that he is excited about this idea and wants to see how it works.

Earlier this year, Netflix had launched “Watch Netflix for Free” program for the non-subscribers. This program allowed non-subscribers to watch few selected programs and movies on Netflix for free.

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Jio-Qualcomm achieves successful testing of 5G speed of 1Gbps

India’s telcom giant Reliance Jio and US-based Qualcomm will jointly make homegrown technology-based 5G mobile internet available in India. This will allow India to join exclusive clubs in countries that provide users with superfast 1 Gbps speed.

Jio has teamed up with Qualcomm to do successful testing of its 5G technology. The announcement of Jio-Qualcomm tie up was made at a virtual event in San Diego, U.S.A.

During the Qualcomm 5G summit, Reliance Jio President Matthew Omen said qualcomm and Jio are working together on 5G technology to launch it in India soon.

The partnership is based on Reliance industries chairman Mukesh Ambani’s commitment. He announced in July that Jio Made-in-India is developing 5G technology.

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The two companies have also reported that they have also achieved a speed of 1 Gbps on Jio’s 5G solution with the help of a Qualcomm platform. This means that it will allow a movie with a 1GB file size to be downloaded in just one second. The partnership also includes Geo’s U.S. subsidiary Rediss Corporation.

Jio’s 5G technology will be completely indigenous. For this, Jio has developed a homegrown 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) which is perfect for delivering ultra high speed output. It has been tested in the US.

Having indigenous networks will not require India to rely on Chinese companies such as Huawei and ZTE for equipment. It will also avoid any possible security threat to national infrastructure.

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4G On Moon: NASA gave Nokia contract to put 4G on the moon

4G On Moon – Nokia awarded with 14.1 million USD contract

The American space agency NASA and mobile phone company Nokia together will deliver 4G LTE connectivity to the moon. NASA announced that Nokia will be the first cellular connectivity provider on the moon.

Nokia has said in a statement that LTE / 4G technology can revolutionize the moon’s surface by giving reliable and high data rates.

American Space Agency NASA is preparing to send a mission to the moon by 2024 under the Artemis Program. Nokia officials said in a statement that communication will play a big role during NASA Artemis program.

According to Nokia Officials, Bell Labs will put low power, space hardened and end to end LTE solutions on the surface of the moon by the end of 2022.

NASA will give the total of 370 million dollars to many companies including Nokia to put 4G LTE network on the moon.

These companies will also introduce surface power generation, cryogenic freezing and robotics technology of the moon. Based on all these, there is a plan to install 4G network on the moon.

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Nokia’s Bell Labs has been awarded a contract of 14.1 million dollars to develop basic 4G infrastructures. Bell Lab will partner with Space Flight Engineering companies to put 4G on the moon.

Space agency NASA has selected Total 14 US companies that will create the basic infrastructure for the 4G network on the moon. Funds worth millions of dollars have been set up for this Moon mission.

The companies selected for this moon mission include mainly telco giant Nokia, Space-X, Sierra, Lockheed Martin, ULA, SSL Robotics. All these companies belong to United States of America.

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‘hum to search’ : Google’s new feature remind us of Forgotten song

‘hum to search’ -search by humming, whistling

Google has added a new ‘hum to search’ feature in its Google Search Engine tool. With its help, you can tell Google about that song which is in your mind just by humming or whistling or singing.

This new feature is available in the Google’s Android app and Apple’s iOS. The new ‘hum to search’ feature has also been made available for Google Assistant.

All one has to do is to ask Google – ‘possibly the song’ or the newly added Search a Song button. After this, only the song has to be hummed near the phone’s mic.

Once the user is done with this, Google Search Engine will show you the results that matches to the User’s query. If the search result is correct, you can tap and listen to it. Google officials has told that the new ‘hum to search’ feature works with the help of machine learning tools.

This new feature transforms the audio representing the song’s melody into a number-based sequence.

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Google has also stated that these machine learning models are trained from many sources, so that it can work much better. It includes a human song, humming and whistling.

Currently this feature is available in English in iOS and in Android smartphones in more than 20 languages. Google is preparing to add more languages to it.

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Titan Pay: SBI, Titan launch India’s first contactless payment watch-Here is how to use it

  • SBI : fast, hassle-free, contactless payments
  • SBI account holders can tap their Titan Pay watch for payment on POS machines without entering PIN
  • A registered SBI YONO customer can avail this facility

Titan Pay : Why?

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, people are relying on mobile wallets to avoid paying in cash. They are avoiding payments via Debit/Credit cards etc. Keeping customer’s need in mind, the country’s top lender, State Bank of India (SBI), has partnered with Titan Company to launch ‘Titan Pay’.

Titan Pay is a new product offering from Titan company powered by SBI YONO to use it as contactless debit card. It has Titan Pay pre-installed for contactless payments.

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Titan Pay – a secure certified payment method

SBI account holders can tap their Titan Pay watch for instant payment on Point of Sales (PoS) machine without the need of swiping or inserting their bank card. Users will be able to make payments just by bringing the phone closer to the POS machines available in shops, restaurants, petrol pumps etc.

In order to achieve this instant payment service, Titan uses a secure Near-Field Communication (NFC) chip. Canada-based start-up company Tappy Technologies has developed the NFC chip. The NFC chip is embedded in the watch strap.

The payment feature on these watches will be accessible on over 2 million contactless MasterCard enabled PoS machines in the country, the company said in a statement.

SBI account holders who are registered with SBI YONO will be able to use Titan Pay. Users can make an instant Payment up to 2,000 Indian Rupees (INR) just by taking the watch near to the PoS machines. For transactions more than this amount, users will be required to enter their Personal Identification Number(PIN).

The collection of Titan watches include three styles for men and two for women. They have black and brown straps along with round dials. They are available for purchase on Titan India’s website.

The series for men and women and come with black and brown leather straps and round dials.
The men collection ranges from 2,995 INR to 5,995 INR whereas the women collection ranges from 3,895 INR to 4,395 INR.

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Titan Pay-Here is how it will work:-

(01). To avail this facility, SBI account holders will have to link their Titan Pay watches to SBI’s YONO App for enabling the payment.

(02). According to the bank officials, SBI account holders can tap their Titan Pay watch on POS machines for an instant payment. They need not to swipe or insert any bank cards.

(03). Payments of up to 2,000 INR can be made without entering a PIN whereas above this amount will require PIN.

(04). A secure NFC chip will be embedded in the watch strap that will enable all the functionalities of a standard contactless debit card.

Titan Pay : Tap and Pay

SBI chairman Rajnish Kumar said that SBI believes in innovative product offerings to their customers. Titan Pay will redefine the shopping experience for customers.

In a statement, Managing Director of Titan, C K Venkataraman told that Titan has always been at the pinnacle of design and innovation. He further added that, Titan team have always launched innovative products to cater to the changing needs of our consumers. “SBI is the perfect partner” to introduce a payment solution for the new normal that is fast, secure and seamless, the MD of Titan adds.

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Bluetooth Attacks – How to Secure Mobile Devices against Bluetooth BIAS attacks


  • Attacker gains access to target device over Bluetooth connection
  • Devices not updated after December 2019 are vulnerable
  • Turn OFF your phone’s Bluetooth

Bluetooth Definition

What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth is a wireless technology that powers wireless communication. It connects your phone to other electronic devices through Internet of Things (IoT). A Bluetooth connection involves connection between a host and a client device.

The term “Bluetooth” is coined after the Viking king, Harald Bluetooth Gormsson. This is due to his work to unite different 10th-century European factions.

Bluetooth is simple & productive in file sharing, but has major security risks. While most of the bugs have been fixed a decade ago, some still remain.

Even the new smartphones have yet-undiscovered problems.

Bluetooth Impersonation AttackS or BIAS

What is BIAS?
Bluetooth Impersonation AttackS (BIAS) is a vulnerability in which the attacker impersonates the secret key or address and connect to a Bluetooth device without any authentication.

BIAS vulnerability is usually found in the Bluetooth Classic devices.

These follows the Bluetooth Basic Rate Extended Data Rate (BR/EDR) wireless technology. This technology is the standard for a wireless personal area network (PAN).

Bluetooth Impersonation AttackS comes into picture while configuring Bluetooth Devices for the first time.

When two devices are paired for the first time, a key or address is generated. This secret key works as Authentication and allows Bluetooth connections between the two devices to be seamless.

The Bluetooth Standard provides security features to protect against any eavesdropping, manipulation of information, malicious file download etc.

Despite these security features, a BIAS attack can impersonate the key or address, and connect to a device without the need of authentication.

Since it appears as if it had been previously paired, it do not require further cross check. This makes the devices prone to eavesdropping and Data manipulation.

In addition, the researchers Daniele Antonioli, Kasper Rasmussen, and Nils Ole Tippenhauer have noted that the attack is standard compliant.

This means that any standard-compliant Bluetooth devices are vulnerable to this attack.

Bluetooth vulnerability

Is Bluetooth technology vulnerable?
“Bluetooth technology is dying out”, the narration comes out more often. But this is far from the truth.

There are billions of devices in the world that use the Bluetooth technology. Big Data, Hadoop, Cloud Technologies etc have helped technogiants modernize their offerings.

Though WiFi is gradually replacing Bluetooth to transfer files, people still use Bluetooth with their headsets, speakers, and other devices.

Since Bluetooth allows an automatic wireless connection, it leaves data vulnerable to interception. Connecting devices over Bluetooth encourages High Security Risks.

The research team discovered a critical bug in Android’s Bluetooth implementation. The Bug allowed remote code execution without User interaction.

The testing included smartphones from manufacturers like Apple, Google, Nokia, Samsung; laptops from HP, Apple MacBook; headphones from Philips.

Researchers tried a BIAS attack on 31 Bluetooth devices with 28 unique Bluetooth chips from Intel, Apple, Qualcomm, Samsung, Cypress, CSR, Broadcom, and others.

All the sample devices were vulnerable to the BIAS attack.

Who could hack your phone?

  • Government spies
  • Politician
  • National Security agencies
  • Business rivals
  • Spouse
  • Employer

Bluetooth Guidelines by SIG

What are the major Guidelines by SIG to prevent Bluetooth attacks?
The researchers found the vulnerability in December 2019.

They informed the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG).

SIG is the standards organization that oversees Bluetooth protocols.

According to Special Interest Group – “a Bluetooth bug puts User’s phone prone to high end security risks. Any Bluetooth standard compliant devices have this vulnerability”.

Bluetooth SIG directed the manufacturers to fix the Bugs. SIG recommended that users get the latest updates for their devices.

In light of these directions, Google rolled out an update to the bug.

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Common Bluetooth Security Problems

(01). Blueborne

Blueborne is a data vector that invades users’ devices via Bluetooth. It can infect Android, iOS, Windows, Linux devices.

The Palo Alto-based cybersecurity firm Armis confirms that the Blueborne is spread through the air.

It can recognize the vulnerabilities in the system and use them against the target device.

Blueborne targets the weakest spot. Blueborne can penetrate into computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions, remote controls etc.

What makes Blueborne Dangerous?

The Dangerous conern about Blueborne is that the two devices does not require to be paired together to launch an assault.

Attackers can even target the devices that are not in Discovery mode.

New machine learning tools have helped them learn to penetrate security more easily than ever.

They are then able to take complete control over the device and access any data stored within.

(02). Bluejacking

The bluejacking refers to sending a message to a nearby Bluetooth user.

Bluejacking messages includes text, images, sounds etc.

If targeted, your smartphone then adds the sender to the address book as a contact.

The hacker can use this position to send harmful messages that open automatically on your screen.

Bluejacking is relatively harmless but is vey annoying. It causes some confusions when users start receiving messages.

(03). Bluebugging

Bluebugging attacks allow a Hacker to take full accessibility and control of the target mobile phone.

This is possible when its Bluetooth is in Turn On mode.

This attack takes over control of mobile phone to make calls, send texts, read messages.

Attackers use a variety of data mining tools to make this possible. These messages encourage the recipient to take some action. This leads to further data exploitation.

What makes Bluebugging Dangerous?

The main Dangerous concern about Bluebugging is that the real owner of the device doesn’t even know that their number is being used to send those texts.

The real owner cannot even warn the recipient to ignore the content they receive.

(04). Bluesnarfing

Bluesnarfing refers to the stealing of data through unauthorized access via Bluetooth.

Combining the methods of Bluebugging and Bluesnarfing are a deadly combination to enter a user’s device via Bluetooth.

Bluesnarfing Attackers can steal data such as call information, text messages, email, passwords, contacts etc.

Attackers use tools like obexftp, hcitool etc.

Bluetooth attacks : Signs your phone may have been hacked

How we can say my Bluetooth device is under attack?

(01). Draining battery life

A smartphone that has been compromised starts to deplete phone’s lifespan drastically.

This is because the Spy App uses phone resources to scan the device. It then, transmits the information back to the Hacker’s server.

(02). High data usage

When your device is under attack, Spy Apps running in the background, sends information back to the Hacker’s server.

This process requires internet connection and data usage.

If your device is under attack, you get high data bill.

(03). Sluggish performance

A device under attack starts to overload the phone’s resources.

It leads to two applications clashing, over phone’s resources usage.

Frequent freezing, certain applications crashing are the signs of your device being hacked.

Sometimes it happens, despite our efforts to close, some applications runs continuously, beware your device may be under attack.

(04). High phone bills

The attacker can use your phone to contact someone, you don’t even know. Make sure to analyse your phone bill, for any costs you don’t recognize.

(05). Pop-up Alerts

A constant pop-up alerts could indicate that your phone has been infected with some Adware.

Adware is a form of malware that forces devices to view certain specific pages that drive revenue through clicks.

Many pop-ups are phishing links that attempt to get users to type-in sensitive information.

It may also encourage to download more malwares into your system.

(06). Unusual Account Activity

If your phone is under attack, hacker have access to phone’s accounts. These accounts may include your social media Login credentials, email etc.

Now, one may guess, upto what extent Hacker can exploit your confidential information. In this case, you could be at risk for identity fraud.

So, it’s a good idea to frequently change your passwords, something hard to guess.

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How to Reduce Bluetooth Security Risks?

(a).Turn Off Bluetooth when Not in Use
When a device is in Visible or Discovery mode for a longer time, it has higher chances of Bluetooth Security risks.
Make sure to turn off Bluetooth, when not in use. It helps to minimize the risk of an attack.

(b). Regular Update
Updates carry important bug fixes and solutions. Regular device update can prevent security risks.

Use the latest version of Bluetooth and make sure the Operating System is up to date.

(c). Use a VPN
A Virtual Private Network or simply VPN, helps to encrypt your data and secure the device. A VPN increases the security levels of your device.

A VPN allows to browse the internet anonymously, thus prevents the attacker of getting your phone’s access.

Select a VPN that offers a strong encryption protocol with plenty of server locations.

(d). Trusted Pairing
When using Bluetooth, only pair your phone with devices that you are familiar with.

Make sure the other device is also using the latest version of Bluetooth updates. It will reduce the risk of data interception and security risks.


What are the major steps to prevent devices from Bluetooth attack?
Tips to secure your mobile devices from Bluetooth attacks or BIAS attacks.

  1. Threat : Bluetooth Discovery Mode
    While pairing two devices, Bluetooth uses MAC addresses for first time configuration. This is done under Discovery Mode. This is the interval for a possible attack by a potential Hacker.
    Attackers can eavesdrop on your conversations, by exploiting these vulnerabilities.

Solution : Switch Off Bluetooth when not in use.
Use Hidden mode as much possible.
When you enable Bluetooth, make sure it is in Hidden mode. This does not disconnect your Bluetooth devices. The Hidden mode prevents Bluetooth devices from recognizing your device. This prevents possible Bluetooth attacks.

  1. Threat : Eavesdropping
    Eavesdropping should not be a problem in any communication. However, older Bluetooth devices face the threat of unpatched security holes. The device becomes a medium of transmitting everything it hears to an attacker.

Bluetooth Encryption helps to Stop criminals listening in to your phone calls.

Solution : Ban devices that use Bluetooth 1.x, 2.0, 4.0-LE.
Use latest Bluetooth versions.

  1. Threat : Software vulnerabilities
    Software installed in Bluetooth devices are security vulnerable.

In 2011, Reasearchers demonstrated that it’s easy for attackers to discover new Bluetooth devices, with some security loop holes. Potential impacts could include data stealing, huge ransom demands etc.

Solution : Switch off Bluetooth when not in use

  1. Threat : Bluetooth range
    Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson designed Bluetooth for Personal Area Network. PAN ensures devices that are away from Bluetooth Range, should not be accessible via Bluetooth. A typical Bluetooth has a range of around 10 feets.

However, Attackers use directional, high-gain antennas to communicate over much greater distances successfully.
Security researcher Joshua Wright demonstrated the use of Directional, High-Gain Antenna to hack a Bluetooth device in a Starbucks from across the street.

Solution : Switch off Bluetooth when not in use

  1. Threat : Denial of Service
    Attackers can crash your devices with some malicious files or malwares. This makes your device un-responsive to your command. Draining battery quickly is also a sign of some malware attacks.

Solution : Switch off Bluetooth when not in use.

  1. Threat : Bluetooth headsets / car kits
    Some popular Bluetooth headsets have several serious flaws. Attackers can eavesdrop on your phone calls, chats, video calls etc by exploiting possible vulnerabilities.

Solution : Change the default PIN code to something hard to guess.
Switch off your Bluetooth when not in use.

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Although there are improvements in Bluetooth devices.

The companies are eager to fix Bluetooth related bugs. It includes steps such as using PIN codes or passwords, its still important to ensure that Discovery mode is disabled after pairing them.

With Discovery mode disabled, the device doesn’t broadcast information regarding MAC address of your phone.

When Discovery mode is disabled, devices add encryption to the communication process. This encryption ensures a secured connection.

Mobile devices has several security risks that need to be fixed. Bluetooth security is often under-rated. Ensure mobile device security as part of cybersecurity protection.

The best protection against bluetooth attacks is to keep Bluetooth devices Turn off.

What is a Bluborne attack?

Blueborne is a data vector that invades users’ devices via Bluetooth. It can infect Android, iOS, Windows, Linux devices. It can recognize the vulnerabilities in the system and use them against the target device. Blueborne can penetrate into computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions, remote controls etc.

How can I tell if my phone has been hacked?

6 Easy Signs your phone may have been hacked
(01). Draining battery life
(02). High data usage
(03). Sluggish performance
(04). High phone bills
(05). Pop-up Alerts
(06). Unusual Account Activity

Who could hack your phone?

Government spies
National Security agencies
Business rivals

How to Reduce Bluetooth Security Risks?

4 Easy tips to kick-off any hacker from hacking your Bluetooth device-
(a).Turn Off Bluetooth when Not in Use
(b). Regular Update
(c). Use a VPN
(d). Trusted Pairing