Best Youtube Vanced Alternatives to watch Videos without Ads

Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives in 2022

Best Youtube Vanced Alternatives: Google had recently sent a letter to the developers of Youtube vanced. Google had asked the developers team to take down the all the Links. As a result the Vanced Team decided to shut down the App’s further development.

Here are the tried and tested Best Youtube vanced alternatives to watch youtube videos without Ads.

Best Youtube Vanced Alternatives List

[1] YouTube Premium

Earlier YouTube has its Premium features in limited regions of the world. Regular YouTube users were unable to enjoy its Premium services. Now, as YouTube started expanded in several other countries, its Premium Users have been growing.

So, the best and legal way to watch the YouTube is to Subscribe for it Premium membership. It will give you features like: ad-free videos, offline downloads, background playback.


  • Unlimited access to YouTube Music Premium
  • Legal & official way to enjoy Youtube contents
  • Ad-free contents


  • It costs some Bucks

[2] Kiwi Browser

This could be used to experience ad free youtube videos. Kiwi supports chrome extensions like SponsorBlock & uBlock Origin to watch videos without ads. Also, Users can Sign in to their Google account to watch their History. Not only this, you can add comments also.


  • Ad free videos
  • watch videos from Browser
  • Sign in to Google Account to add comments


  • Youtube website on Kiwi browser may not have that feel as regular YouTube app.

[3] NewPipe

At the present time, NewPipe is on of the best YouTube Vanced Alternatives in 2022. NewPipe is an open-source YouTube client, which hails to be free. It neither rely on the YouTube API nor on the Google’s framework libraries. You can use NewPipe without having to create a Google Account. Not only this, this App could be used on Huawei devices also.


  • ad-free video contents
  • download videos locally in your device
  • free and open source


  • You cannot comment on any Youtube video
  • No service of History sync to watch History

[4] SkyTube

Another Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives is SkyTube. This is also a YouTube client for the android users. SkyTube is an open-source and a free app. Much like other Vanced alternative, SkyTube also need Not to Sign In with Google Account. However, you can import your Subscriptions so you don’t need to search for each creator one by one.

SkyTube Developers have intoduced its two variants: SkyTube, SkyTube Extra. You can choose either of the two app for enjoying video contents.
SkyTube is regular app with no additional features.
SkyTube Extra supports the official YouTube player and casting.


  • ad-free videos
  • SkyTube extra has YouTube player like User Interface.
  • Free and open-source


  • You cannot Sign In with Google account

[5] LibreTube

LibreTube could be one of the Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives in the present scenario. But for now, this app is in Beta mode and may contain bugs in it. This app is an upcoming YouTube client based on privacy friendly experiences. LibreTube has a modern look & feel design. It contains intuitive animations while navigations. Users get control over video quality format during playback. This video quality option is also available for offline videos.


  • Ad-free video contents
  • Free & open-source YouTube client


  • May contains Bugs
  • You cannot Sign In with Google account
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