Ariana Grande Instagram Followers Count 2021, Income Per Post

Ariana Grande Instagram Followers Count in 2021

Ariana Grande Instagram Followers: As in last week of September, 2021, Ariana Grande instagram id hits 268 million Followers. By now, she has posted 4,875 photos and videos on her Instagram Id.

Ariana Grande has been on Instagram since 2011, she follows 898 instagram accounts. Ariana uses her verified instagram account to posts most of her recent pictures and videos. The singer also promotes her products including- RemBeauty. Also, “Riri’” put a link to her website that is dedicated to beauty products.

Ariana Grande Instagram Account Id

Ariana Grande instagram account Id is- @arianagrande with bio name: Ariana Grande. She joined the popular photo sharing social media platform on August 6, 2011. Currently, Ariana’s instagram id is based in United States of America (USA). As of now in 2021, her instagram id account is shared with 1 follower:

@selenagomez (51% of Arianagrande’s followers also follow Selenagomez’s instagram id)

Ariana Grande Instagram Story 2021

Ariana Grande regularly updates her Instagram Id by posting recent photos and Videos. She promotes her e-commerce products (rembeauty) on her IG Story too. In one of her IG Story, she uploaded video for her @rembeauty beauty products. In her most recent Instagram Story, she uploaded her song- Safety Net. This video was published on July 7, 2021 on her official youtube channel. The video song received more than 12 million views on youtube. Earlier, she also posted stories of covid-19 crisis and seeking help from G20 leaders & WHO, IG story of her pet dogs.

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Ariana Grande Instagram Likes & Comments

In her last 20 posts, Ariana Grande has received, on an average, around 5.3 million Likes & around 33k comments by her Followers worldwide. With an estimated average Engagement rate of around 2.3%, Engagement rate managed to add around 250,000 followers per Day. Thus, Ariana Grande Instagram id hits a total of 268 million Fans and Followers across the globe.

Ariana Grande Most Liked Photos & Videos

‘Little Red‘ uses her official account to upload photos & videos for her followers in different regions of the world. According to her last 20 IG posts, she received nearly 6.1 million Likes and around 13k comments on one of her most Liked post. The photo post was uploaded on September 24, 2021.

Also, in a very recent video post, she received nearly 12 million Views and around 31k comments from her followers. The video post was uploaded on September 9, 2021. It was a promotional video for her

Ariana Grande Instagram Income Per Post 2021

According to her instagram Engagement Rate of nearly 2.3% & considering 268 million Followers plus 5.3 million average Likes, Ariana Grande may demand between $300k to $350k USD per influencer post on instagram. Here is a detailed analysis of her Instagram Income per Post 2021:

Story-Post: Ariana can demand between $33k to $93k per Instagram Story-Post. This nearly sums to an average of around $63k per story post.

Image-Post: “Riri” may ask between $90k to $170k per Image-Post. This is nearly an average of $130k per image post on her id.

Video-Post: Ariana might demand between $170k to $336k per video-post on her IG account. This is about an average of about $258k per video post.

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Ariana Grande Net Worth 2021

According to Celebrity Net Worth Analysis, 2021, Ariana Grande has a net worth of around $180 million USD. She has a set up of multiple revenue streams. Ariana earns from album release, song writing, acting and other various sources. Also, she earns from her e-commerce website- RemBeauty.

Ariana Grande Top Instagram Hashtags & Mentions

In her last 20 instagram posts, Ariana Grande mainly focused on thirteen mentions. It includes: @nbcthevoice, @fortnite, @ultabeauty, @photokohli, @kellyclarkson, @johnlegend, @blakeshelton, @pharrell, @kchenoweth, @niniandthebrain, @jessicamalatyrivera, @itsmadetosave, @doctor.Darien,

Also, she used hastags: #rifttour, #teamariana as more often as she could in her last 20 instagram posts.

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