Apache Junction (2021) Movie Release Date, Filming Locations, Cast

About Apache Junction (2021) Movie

Apache Junction (2021) Movie is an English language film directed Justin Lee. Also, Lee has written the story of the film. Daemon Hillin is the producer of the Apache Junction film. Logan Fulton has done the cinematography for the film. Apache Junction is produced under the banner production companies like Hillin Entertainment, Benetone Films, Origo Financial Services, TB Film. The film revolves around the story of several cold-blooded killers in an old west outpost used to hide from justice.

Apache Junction (2021) Movie Release Date

According to trusted media sources, Apache Junction (2021) movie is going to release on September 24, 2021 (USA). The movie is going release in the theaters first. As far as the OTT, VOD services are concerned, the makers of the film are planning its digital release in October. So, in a nutshell, Apache Junction (2021) movie will be in theatres, OTT and video-on-demand (VOD) release on September 24, 2021. Saban Films has received the legal distribution rights of the film in USA. Also, Film Bridge International will be responsible for World-Wide Theatrical release of the film. Front Row Filmed Entertainment will be releasing the film in UAE.


According to official Saban Films, the Apache Junction 2021 movie trailer was released on August 26, 2021. Since its release, the video trailer has received thousands of views. The 1:36 min longer video is enjoying huge number of Likes with respect to Dislikes. Saban Films has All-Media Distribution Rights of the film in USA. While Bridge Film International has legal rights for the world-wide theatrical release of the film.


Apache Junction is an old Outpost in West. The place has no rule, no Law. Several cold-blood killers, assassins, murderers, thieves take shelter of this place to hide from Justice. A notorious gunslinger Jericho Ford also take shelter here. Jericho has a deadly past. He will be heading towards a tense past. But now, a big-city reporter named, Annabelle Angel, has been assigned the task to write article on Old West Outpost. She arrives in town and becomes a target and there comes Jericho Ford to her Aid. Now, Annabelle is helpless as none is trustworthy there. So, she must entrust her future to a man with a deadly past. Finally, Annabelle trusts Jericho among those killers, to save her life.


Stars: Thomas Jane, Scout Taylor-Compton, Stuart Townsend

Full Cast List

ArtistsCharacter Names
Thomas JaneAl Longfellow
Stuart TownsendJericho Ford
Scout Taylor-ComptonAnnabelle Angel
Victoria PrattChristine Williams
Lorena SarriaMaria Quintana
Trace AdkinsCaptain Hensley
Danielle GrossMary Primm
Edward FinlayEbb Foliet
Phil BurkeBoone Higgins
Ricky LeeWasco
Stephanie HillSaloon Girl
Wanna ChoyCowgirl
J. Nathan SimmonsThe Stranger
Ed MorroneOslo Pike
Julie VolkamerSoiled Dove
David HightHiggins Boy
Nicholas RyanPrivate Hensley


Basant’s : Coming Soon
Motion Picture Rating (MPAA) rates Apache Junction (2021) movie as- R for some its explicit violence.

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Full Details

Genres : Action, Crime, Western

Runtime: 1h 34 min

Aspect Ratio: na

Language : English

Country of Origin : Thailand, United States

Filming Locations: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Release Date: September 24, 2021 (USA)

Director : Justin Lee

Producer : Daemon Hillin

Writer : Justin Lee

Music By : na

Edited By : na

Cinematography : Logan Fulton

Production Companies : Benetone Films, Hillin Entertainment, TB Films, Origo Financial Services,

Distributed By : Saban Films(USA, All Media), Film Bridge International (World-Wide, Theatrical), Front Row filmed Entertainment(UAE)

Where was the movie Apache Junction (2021) filmed?

As per announcements by the film makers, Apache Junction (2021) movie was filmed in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Most of the scenes were filmed in the Santa Fe itself. As the script demanded an outpost look to be used by the criminals to hide from the police, so a film set was chosen in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Santa Fe is the capital city of New Mexico. Santa Fe is considered as the oldest city in America.

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