4G On Moon NASA gave Nokia contract to put 4G on the moon

4G On Moon: NASA gave Nokia contract to put 4G on the moon

4G On Moon – Nokia awarded with 14.1 million USD contract

The American space agency NASA and mobile phone company Nokia together will deliver 4G LTE connectivity to the moon. NASA announced that Nokia will be the first cellular connectivity provider on the moon.

Nokia has said in a statement that LTE / 4G technology can revolutionize the moon’s surface by giving reliable and high data rates.

American Space Agency NASA is preparing to send a mission to the moon by 2024 under the Artemis Program. Nokia officials said in a statement that communication will play a big role during NASA Artemis program.

According to Nokia Officials, Bell Labs will put low power, space hardened and end to end LTE solutions on the surface of the moon by the end of 2022.

NASA will give the total of 370 million dollars to many companies including Nokia to put 4G LTE network on the moon.

These companies will also introduce surface power generation, cryogenic freezing and robotics technology of the moon. Based on all these, there is a plan to install 4G network on the moon.

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Nokia’s Bell Labs has been awarded a contract of 14.1 million dollars to develop basic 4G infrastructures. Bell Lab will partner with Space Flight Engineering companies to put 4G on the moon.

Space agency NASA has selected Total 14 US companies that will create the basic infrastructure for the 4G network on the moon. Funds worth millions of dollars have been set up for this Moon mission.

The companies selected for this moon mission include mainly telco giant Nokia, Space-X, Sierra, Lockheed Martin, ULA, SSL Robotics. All these companies belong to United States of America.

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UoUo AbD

Nice article #basants loved it


Nokia 1100 was our family’s first cell phone back in ’06, land thats with us till date
Nokia always best of all
Nokia on moon? Thats interesting one

Smriti kri

Guess whoos gonna use 4G on moon?
Off course, the Aliens!